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Landslides can be triggered by a combination of factors, such as instability of slope, soil type or land use. Although it is not possible to predict exactly where and when a landslide will be triggered, the analysis of distribution of these factors allows to create maps of landslide susceptibility, depicting the portions of territory exposed to a greater risk.

A suitable model of landslide risk is a relevant tool for urban planning, as well as for the development or implementation of procedures for civil protection, or in order to plan mitigation measures.

Main applications

  • Analysis of the tendency of a territory to landslides
  • Identification of buildings or infrastructure particularly exposed to risk
  • Planning investments  for risk mitigation
  • Designing practices for civil prevention

Geostatistical modeling of landslide hazard can be performed at various levels, depending on the reference scale and the required result. Reliable statistical models are essentially based on the quality of landslides inventory maps, which list all landslides of the study area classified by their activity.

Susceptibility maps
They are produced by GIS, analyzing a series of significant factors on the occurrence of landslides, such as slope, curvature of the slope,outcropping lithology, etc. Scale and quality of input data strongly determine the quality of the model of dangerousness.

Hazard maps
They differ from the maps of susceptibility because they take into account the "elements under risk" in the study area, namely buildings, artifacts and infrastructures exposed to landslide hazard. These maps allow identifying portions of towns or sectors of roads potentially more prone to landslides.

Risk maps
Risk maps of landslides represent a complex and significant elaboration. These maps indicate the danger of  a certain area expressed in terms of frequency of landslides. They reflect the "return period" of a landslide at a given slope. In order to create a map of landslide risk, several landslide inventory maps related to different periods (including archive aerial photos) are taken into consideration and analyzed.

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